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Urine: Revealing your state of health

With an ultra-fast analysis process, our technology is a true “disruption” in the world of urine analysis.

myDOXA reveals your state of fitness via urine without intrusion into your daily life and offers ease of monitoring never before achieved, in the service of health, well-being and sports performance.

myDOXA Technologies myDOXA Technologies

The advantages of myDOXA

Your urine analysis,
anywhere, anytime !

The advantages of myDOXA

The Urine collection is painless and non-invasive


No need to make an appointment and wait in a laboratory anymore, you can analyze your urine from the comfort of your bathroom.


myDOXA gives you your results in less than 2 minutes , which represents a time saving of more than 99% compared to taking a test away from home!


Validated by rigorous testing, myDOXA provides the same level of accuracy as conventional urine tests


The cost of a test with myDOXA is up to 5x lower than tests competing urinary systems on the Swiss market

in the service of sport

Urine is an essential source of information for your state of fitness and its results allow very specific monitoring of your training, your recovery and your performance.

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Muscle potential

Based on the detection of Albumin and Creatinine, this indicator reflects the level of demand on your muscles and the adequacy of your efforts in relation to your physical capacities at a given time.


Based on Urinary Density and pH, this indicator allows you to gauge your body's ability to transport essential nutrients to your muscles, and thus get the most out of your physical performance.

Balanced Nutrition

By monitoring the pH, Creatinine, Ketones, Nitrites, and Proteins present in your urine, you can follow our nutritional advice to balance your nutritional needs in accordance with the intensity of your efforts

Energy Sources Used

This indicator allows you to refine the intensity of your training sessions and your recovery by correlating the values of Ketones, Glucose, and Proteins in your urine.