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General Use

Why is it better to test my urine about 48 hours after my physical effort and not just afterwards?

Testing your urine 2 days after a physical effort gives your body time to react to the 14 biomarkers that will be found in your urine.

The production time of certain molecules by our body is not instantaneous, and the body needs 24 to 48 hours to produce these molecules.

Can I have discrepancies between my urinary data and my feelings or my sports program?

Data is currently based on urine being collected and analyzed within 2 days of physical exertion. Other factors can impact values, such as the sporting environment, taking alcohol or medication etc...

Don't hesitate to have a look at the articles so that you can define the context of your values and understand how they can be impacted.

What should I do if I've missed a scheduled analysis?

The first morning urine provides the most meaningful analysis of the app's recommendations, but if you miss it, you can still do the analysis with another urine during the day, and the results will still be relevant even if the elements are less concentrated.

If you didn't manage to do an analysis at all on the day scheduled, you can make it up on the
following day, but make sure you don't do two analyses on the same day if you're going to postpone an analysis over several days.

What is the quality of myDOXA analyses?

myDOXA analyses are based on the same principle as laboratory analyses, i.e. optical reading of test strips. According to our in-house tests, our app combined with the collector allows the same interpretation of results as the procedure used in laboratories.

Should I show my myDOXA results to my doctor?

myDOXA and DOXA Sport are not intended for medical use. The results provided should not be used for medical diagnosis or evaluation, either by you or by a third party.

Furthermore, the relationship between you and myDOXA should not be construed as a patient-doctor relationship. In any case, don’t hesitate to consult with a healthcare professional for questions related to your health instead of myDOXA.

Can myDOXA be used for doping control?

Urinalysis results from myDOXA are not suitable for doping control, either directly by reading the results or indirectly by correlating them with other analyses of any kind.

Can myDOXA detect narcotics?

myDOXA does not detect narcotics, whatever the definition of "narcotic" in the country of use.

Smartphone App

Why do I have to wait a full minute before I can take the picture?

The wait time of 1min is required for the chemicals to react between the biomarkers and the urine, it is calculated to provide as accurate an analysis as possible.

What can I do to improve the image capture during the analysis?

During the capture phase, don’t hesitate to keep the collector close to the test strip to avoid reflections. Keep both the test strip and the sticker flat and don’t hesitate to keep you hand behind them.

Avoid having your phone too close to the collector; an ideal distance is 20 to 25 cm, but feel free to move a bit farther away if you’re still having trouble capturing.

I can't create an account / log in to my account

Make sure you have an internet connection (mobile or Wi-Fi). Although analyses can be carried out without an internet connection, one is required for the account creation and log-in phase.

Do I need a smartphone to use myDOXA?

You need a smartphone to carry out the urinalysis and present you with personalized recommendations. In addition, your phone - tablets are not supported - must meet the following requirements:

  • iOS v17 or later, or Android 12 or later
  • Not have been modified outside the manufacturer's specifications (rootkit, sideload, etc.)
  • Have a working main camera/photo lens
  • Be able to connect to an Internet network

Why doesn't the application display numerical values?

The technology used in urinalysis is based on a semi-quantitative principle.

The application does calculate a value during the analysis, but above all it allows you to see where you stand in relation to optimal value ranges and presents them to you with a focus on possible areas for improvement.

What are the recommendations for and how do I take them into account?

The only purpose of the recommendations is to suggest a path to follow, but with myDOXA, we prefer to leave it up to you to decide whether to apply them. That's why we've created a series of articles to help you make the decision that's right for you, in terms of nutrition, sports and hydration.

I haven't received the e-mail with the code to create my account or the code to reset my password

Check that you haven't mistyped your address. It can also happen that e-mails take a few minutes to reach you. Don't forget to check your Spam or Junk mail folder. If after 15 minutes you still haven't received anything, write to us at from the address where you're expecting the e-mail with the code.


How much urine should I collect?

The collector is designed to collect the entire micturition, so you can simply urinate completely into it. However, you need to collect at least 150mL of urine for analysis - around 1/5 of the collector's total capacity.

If you have not been able to collect enough urine, please do not try to refill the collector with a second micturition, as this will distort the analysis result!

The collector emptied when I turned it over.

We're sorry this happened to you. Did you turn the collector over in one go? Turning it slowly prevents the anti-backflow system from doing its job and can lead to leaks.

To help us prevent this from happening again, please send an e-mail to with, if possible, a photo of the collector, the batch number and the e-mail address you used when you ordered from us.

The collector had a hole in it and didn't allow the urine to be collected.

We're sorry this happened to you. To enable us to help you avoid this problem in the future, please send an e-mail to with, if possible, a photo of the collector and the batch number, as well as the e-mail address you used when you ordered from us.


When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 5 working days and you should have received a tracking number for your parcel which should arrive within 48h. If you still haven't received a tracking number after this time, or if your parcel has not arrived, please send us your order number at

When should I order my DOXA Sport Big Day?

The DOXA Sport Big Day program covers the 5 weeks leading up to your D-Day. If you couldn’t order the kit early enough, you can still take advantage of it from 4 weeks before. Once you've received your kit, don't forget to scan it with the app and enter your D-Day date.

I've ordered a DOXA Sport Big Day affiliated with an event (e.g. “Big Day x Sierre-Zinal”), when will I receive it?

For event-affiliated kits, we'll make sure you receive it in time to follow the full program and have every chance of reaching your full potential! Don't forget to scan the product with the app to receive exclusive affiliate content.

Why don’t you ship outside of Switzerland ?

myDOXA and DOXA Sport are currently limited to the Swiss market. We plan to expand internationally soon. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter or send us a message using the contact form to receive news as soon as the products are available in your country.

I did not receive the account creation confirmation or order confirmation email

Check that you haven't mistyped your address. It can also happen that e-mails take a few minutes to reach you. Don't forget to check your Spam or Junk mail folder. If after 15 minutes you still haven't
received anything, write to us at from the address where you're expecting the confirmation e-mail.

Contents / biomarkers

Does the Ketones indicator allow me to measure my fat loss?

This indicator only highlights the type of energy source used during your workout. myDOXA is not a product for tracking fat loss. If you wish to follow a specific diet, it's best to consult a nutritionist or health professional.

What would be the potential outcome of a biomarker constantly “in the red” for my body? Should I consider consulting a specialist if the situation doesn't improve?

It's possible that some biomarkers are regularly in the red. It's normal for your body to be put under greater strain than usual during training sessions, especially when you're working at high intensity. Your markers may remain in the red for some time, but should return to normal within 4-7 days post-exercise. If you have the slightest doubt, don't hesitate to consult a health professional.

Can I infer that the mechanical impacts revealed by myDOXA are wear and tear on my equipment (e.g. my running shoes)?

myDOXA simply reveals the extent to which repetitive shocks impact your body and suggests how you can adapt your sports program to maintain optimal conditions. However, every piece of sports equipment has a maximum useful life: don't hesitate to ask a professional in your sport for advice on your equipment.

Is it serious if one of my biomarkers stays in the red for more than a week?

If one of your biomarkers is red for more than a week, please send an e-mail to using the e-mail address you used when you ordered on our site.

We will investigate your data to identify the problem with your values. If you have any concerns, you can consult a healthcare professional.

Should I focus on a particular biomarker?

The biomarkers observed give you a better understanding of how your body reacts when you follow your sports schedule. myDOXA leaves it up to you to choose which biomarker(s) is of most interest to you.

That's why we've created a series of articles to help you make the decision that's right for you, based on your sporting objective, your program and your feelings.